Assault Vest "Lorica"

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The vest is designed for assault units operating in dense urban areas, moving in armored vehicles, vehicles generally vest is designed for those who nepodhodit waist outfit (in it uncomfortable to sit in the car to squeeze into various breaks etc) and need quick access to Ammunition and property. The kit includes only one removable pocket with fastening RALS (MOLLE) in the center of the left shelf - two stores AKM. Instead, it can be attached to a holster for a pistol (APS, IL, CP "VECTOR"). The remaining pockets sewn - three pockets with removable partition wall (with plastic inserts and mounted on a linden), two stores AKM, AK-103, each with a plastic frame and ties of gum flaps fastened to a combination of linden and buttons and allow to adjust the bag under the entire range of shops AKM - AK-74, four pockets for hand grenades (such as RGS, RGN, F1, RGD-5), four pockets for CPR - RRR, two multi-purpose pocket in which to place medical devices and necessary "small things" . All sewn pockets are within the reach of most - on the left and right shelves, top shelves sewn belts for pristёgivaniya pockets, bags and covers with fastening RALS (MOLLE). The back with no pockets, leather straps for removable attachment to the property RALS (MOLLE). On the underside of shelves, sewn inside pockets of the grid with waterproof liners (liners fastened with lime and attached to the vest sewn cords, pockets zipped. All the pockets of a vest sewn on the basis of which cut out of a grid of 100% polyamide. Inside out grid pritachivayutsya vertical belt tape for lining seams pockets. The vest is adjustable from 46 th to 62 - th of sizes, from 2nd to 6th growths, when wearing winter clothing and personal body armor. As growth vest regulated limes and straps threaded into the metal buckle ( buckle sewn on top of the back). Vest with soft shoulder inserts - absorbers of izolona 10mm. Shelves fastened on a plastic zipper - "tractor" company YKK. The size of the vest fitted side straps threaded through the plastic buckle (extra strap slides and retracts for coupling of gum ). To remove the load from the upper spine, the upper part of the back seat is connected to the shelves - is threaded into the back lines of plastic buckles on the sides of shelves. At the bottom of the shelves and the back, sewn shlёvki for mounting a lap belt or pristёgivaniya fall arrest system. Shlёvki fastens with lime and knopki.Na waist strap can be attached additional equipment (bags for wog, jar, store the gun). Details pockets kroyatsya fabric CORDURA 1000D, 100% polyamide.

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