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This multi-functional backpack, created by special order special forces "Killer Whale", Murmansk and is now available in production.
Backpack made Minivan, and has two ways to access the main compartment backpack - top and bottom. On top of the backpack close to the valve and is equipped with fasteksy pulls moisture protection. Access is provided from the bottom valve on the zipper.
Main compartment backpack can be divided into two by a partition volume, fixed by lightning. This is quite handy because you can organize internal volume of a backpack thanks to the lower valve access, you can quickly get, for example, sleeping system, placed at the bottom of the backpack.
The main compartment is equipped with a backpack on the back pocket of his side, which is closed to the "Velcro." In it it can be conveniently placed gidratsionnuyu system, armor plate or reinforcements for the back (plastic or metal).
The straps of the backpack rather broad, soft, shock-absorbing lining and treated netting for easy carrying. The straps are adjustable in height in the site of attachment to a backpack using the adjustable segments in the "Velcro." Backpack is equipped with shoulder and waist belt, with the lap belt is made sufficiently wide and soft - for better weight transfer backpack. Furthermore, a backpack straps to additional fixation of the straps, which can also be used as a hand loop.
Side compression straps placed a backpack that may be used for fixing of various equipment, for example, karematov. Compression straps are placed on the front of the pack. Also, there are two elastic side pockets to carry bottles, jars, or to enhance the firing platoon funds (which are further fixed with compression straps). There are also side handles for carrying the backpack.
The side and front side of the backpack is almost completely lined with straps fastening MOLLE | PALS for fixing various equipment that is certainly very useful, as it allows to place a variety of pouches, for example, came with a backpack pouch utilitarian three different volume.
Backpack quite voluminous, made of high quality textile materials - high-strength water-repellent fabric density of 1,000 den. fittings and high strength, so has an excellent wear resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents, even without the use of a protective cover. It is because of the functional combination of quality and high-quality finished product, this backpack is suitable for the most demanding user - both military and civilian.
Volume backpack - 50 liters

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